Fall Back

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Daylight Savings time ended today, giving us all an extra hour to sleep in. Unless you have children or animals who wake up at the same time regardless of what the clocks say.

Lulu Hughes “Time” (Pink Floyd)
When I was in high school I bought a copy of an almanac called the Daily Planet Almanac. It was kind of a hipster version of the Farmer’s Almanac. I think that they’ve long since stopped publishing. One of the coolest things in it was an extended discussion of time and the various ways it has been (and still is) measured. It blew my tiny little adolescent mind.

This may be the greatest Pink Floyd cover ever recorded. It’s absolutely fierce. Ms. Hughes just sings the hell out of it.

Telex “Rock Around The Clock” (Bill Haley)
Ever wonder what rock and roll would have sounded like if Bill Haley were a robot? Wonder no more.

Barry Phillips “Incense And Peppermints” (Strawberry Alarm Clock)
Whatever you do, don’t forget to turn the time back on your alarm clock. No sense in getting up any earlier than you need to tomorrow morning.

I generally try to stay away from instrumental covers of vocal songs, because I think a cover is more recognizable with the lyrics. It makes it easier to know what song is being covered and to appreciate how it’s been rearranged. But for some odd reason all of the interesting covers of this song are instrumental. I really like this version by a cello ensemble. It sounds much more ominous than the original.

Terry Holley “Jungle Love” (The Time)
Sure the Time were a completely prefabricated outlet for Prince to flex his funk muscles, but the records they put out were mighty fine. There are far too few covers of the Time, so once again we’ve gone instrumental.

Mister Atlas America USA “Tik Tok” (Ke$ha)
As I get older and more decrepit I’ve noticed that fewer and fewer clocks these days go tick tock. There’s really no reason for them to do so, but it seems that a part of our common heritage is slipping away. We have a clock from Ikea in our guest room that ticks and tocks quite loudly. So loudly in fact that our houseguests usually take it off the wall and put it in another room. Every day I love that clock a little bit more.