MP3s on this blog are available for a short time and are here for auditioning purposes only. I’m only trying to share my obsession with cover songs and to allow folks to hear familiar songs in a new way. And if you discover a new artist here, so much the better.

If you are the creator or copyright owner of a song or anything else that might be posted here and wish to have it removed, please contact me by using this link.

Visitors: please don’t direct link to any individual tracks. If you like an artist you find here (either the original artist or the one performing the cover), you should do your best to respect copyright law and support working musicians. Take the knowledge you gain here and go out and purchase their music.

I strongly believe that there’s no reason to cover somebody else’s song unless you bring something new to it, for better or worse. If you know of any songs that meet that simple requirement feel free to drop me a line. I make no guarantees that any song sent to me will ever be posted. But if I like it, there’s a good chance.

Thanks for visiting,
Steve McI