It is with a heavy heart that I am putting Cover Freak on hiatus. Circumstances simply prevent me from posting at this time. My hope and my plan is to start posting again some time in the near future. The blog will still be here, feel free to check in occasionally to see if I’ve started posting again.

Before I sign off I’d like to thank everybody who has visited Cover Freak over the years. I especially want to thank the folks who took the time to email or leave comments. Having conversations with new friends has been the best part of running this blog. I’m also grateful to all of the artists, record labels, and publicists who have provided me with so much wonderful music to share.

Take care, everybody. Hopefully we’ll meet again someday.

24 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. laura

    very sad to see both cover freak and you go. i hope that circumstances right themselves soon and even if you don’t find your way back to cover freak, that you find your way to better times. do know that you will be missed and sundays mornings will always be slightly less bright without your wit and the accompanying muical score. be well. hope to see you again one day.

  2. Dean

    Ditto the above sentiments. *Monday* mornings won’t be the same for me (in UK). Really feel like I know you, and it saddens me you’re going through it at the moment. Wishing you and yours all the best. Vive le Freak!

  3. Luis Sopelana

    Thanks for all the great music. Hope to see you soon, I got you on RSS so I’m kinda not going anywhere. :)

  4. Anonymous

    What you have done every week without fail is present to us the most wonderful blog that is appealing for its intelligence and humour.And that is just in what you come up with each week and all the years previously; it never fails to make me laugh or smile. The music is an ingredient in all this but the main star is you and your writings. I love Coverfreak and the stories and I shall miss Mondays when I normally log in. I have heard music I would never hear in any other place and in such a sweet and easy to use site.

    All the best to you, Mrs Freak and the Freakette


  5. Mike


    Thank you for all of the great music and conversation that you have provided over the years. Yours was the best blog in this field, for the breadth, fun and insight that it provided.


  6. Charlie Ramone

    Dear Steve,

    very sad that you’re not able to blog.

    I hope all will be well for you.

    All the Best !


  7. Jeff

    Steve, thanks for all the great tunes. Holler if you ever want more questionable Tom Jones duet covers. Otherwise, be well. Go forward. Peace, man.

  8. Kev

    I bookmarked this site almost a year ago after stumbling upon it, like we do with most things on the web now a days.

    You introduced some fresh cover songs and always provided a little anicdote to go along with them.

    If you never post again always know that there have been people touched by your work. However if you do continue posting then we will still be hear to listen to your rants.

    Wish you every success in life, thank you for making the world a funkier place.


  9. ms. xtro

    your cover freak site has brought me a lot of enjoyment over the past few years, and allowed me to hear covers, and groups, i’d never have encountered otherwise. it’s been a blast and i thank you. i’m also glad you’re taking a break rather than burning out or continuing when your schedule doesn’t allow or your heart’s not in it. while i hope you return to posting someday, i’m grateful for all the great tunes you’ve posted to date. best to you, ms. freak, and any li’l freaklettes you may have roaming around. happy holidays and hope to see you here again.

  10. J. Loslo

    I confess to being one of those people who checked in here regularly & never commented. Sometimes I grabbed all five songs & sometimes I didn’t take any, but it has always been an entertaining stop on my Sunday morning internet wanderings. Thanks & I hope you’ll be back.

  11. fongolia

    Just belated caught this on the ol’ RSS feeds… you’ll be missed. Thanks for all the years of solid cover coverage! All the best in the future and hope to hear from you again.

  12. lito

    as you can see, not always able to check in regularly, but i’m sad to see you go. i hope the break is for all good things and to see you soon! happy holidays!! thanks for all the fun!!

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