Hi there. I know, it’s been awhile. How have you been?

Ordinarily I would have spent this week posting a year-end review. But there haven’t been many posts during the current Cover Freak fiscal year so it would have been a pretty meager “best of” post. I do want to let folks know what’s going on. Assuming anybody’s bothering to come around here these days.

The circumstances that caused me to put Cover Freak on hiatus have been resolved. Unfortunately other circumstances have intervened. Seems like every time I start to gear up to start posting, something else comes up. It’s been a tough year.

My hope and my plan is to start posting again, sooner rather than later. But right now I can’t say when that will be. So keep checking back occasionally, and when I start posting again I’ll also update the status of the long-neglected Cover Freak Facebook page.

Steve McI

14 thoughts on “Update

  1. Birgit

    Welcome back! Every post is appreciated, preferably music posts. My feed reader will wait patiently.

  2. Jeff

    That seems to be life in the music blogs. Some go strong, some proceed in fits and starts (I know all about that), some need to take a break. Be well. Go forward. I’ll still be checking in from time to time.

  3. Steve

    Hey Steve – looking forward to any updates you provide. Just like @Birgit said, my feed reader will wait eagerly for your next post!

    Take it easy pal,

    Steve, England.

  4. Scott Kruer

    I check in every month to see if you are back “on air”. Good to see there is signs of life. My family and I missed your postings and learning about new music.

  5. XIII

    I pop in at least every couple of weeks! Glad to hear that you acre coming back! Hopefully sooner rather than later!! Cheers!

  6. Mike


    Sorry to hear you are still going through “changes”.

    I hope that these work through for you soon.

    We’ll be ready for you when you are ready for us.

    Best wishes,

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