International Workers Of The World

Thursday marks May Day, the international worker’s holiday that we don’t celebrate in the U.S. because it was invented by dirty commies. Feel free to listen to these songs in solidarity with your comrades.

The Busters “Friday On My Mind” (The Easybeats)
Some songs are just fated to become ska covers.

The Recliners “Working For The Weekend” (Loverboy)
The Recliners are a lounge band out of Austin. They work the same territory as Richard Cheese but with a bit more range.

Stevie Wonder “Sixteen Tons” (Tennessee Ernie Ford)
Stevie Wonder has this knack for making other people’s songs sound like his own songs, whether that’s appropriate or not. Sing along with Stevie on this one. Or hum if you’d prefer.

The Notting Hilbillies “Railroad Work Song” (Traditional)
I’ve never handed my hammer to the boss and run away but I did once go to lunch and not come back.

David Lindley and Wally Ingram “Do You Want My Job?” (Little Village)
This song is so tragically sad. I try to remember that no matter how bad my job seems, at least I’m not dumping plutonium into the bay.