In With The New

I’m getting too predictable. I’ve done a Christmas post, a Year In Review post, and this week I’m presenting songs about the new year and new beginnings. Don’t worry, next week I’ll get back to themes that aren’t related to anything in particular.

On New Year’s Day 2008 my water heater exploded and flooded my basement and in December my car died and needed thousands of dollars worth of repairs. The rest of the year wasn’t quite that extreme but it wasn’t the best year I’ve ever had. On the whole I’m pretty happy to turn my back on 2008 and look forward.

Dump “1999” (Prince)
Does anybody know why we should party like it’s 1999 instead of, say, 1928? That was a good year, you had flappers drunk on bathtub gin looking for a good time in cities all across America. We could sure use more of that these days. That would be a change I could believe in.

Dump is James McNew of Yo La Tengo. This comes from a low-fi cassette of Prince covers that he put out. You can download the whole thing over at Psychotic Leisure Music.

Richard Cheese “Let’s Get It Started” (Black Eyed Peas)
I know I’m ready to get things started on the right foot this year. But I’d rather not get retarded if I can help it.

Esquivel “Begin The Beguine” (comp. Cole Porter)
Equivel’s bizarre arrangements are a great way to begin the new year. Try to listen to this one on headphones if you can so you can enjoy all the weird noises zipping around your skull.

Bedouin Soundclash “New Year’s Day” (U2)
It’s weird that most covers of U2 songs are either frantic dance numbers or sound like the original. So I’m happy that the wonderfully-named Bedouin Soundclash has delivered a reggae version of this tune. The way they work in part of “Guns Of Brixton” is also very nice.

DJ Frasier, Dj Marco, DJ’s Ess, Gee & The Mad Macs “Auld Lang Syne” (Traditional)
Did somebody say “frantic dance number?” If you’re looking for a version of this song that doesn’t include bagpipes or weepy sentimental piano (or both) your choices are surprisingly limited.