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I’ve added a button at the top of the right column so it’s easy to become a fan of Cover Freak on Facebook, if you’re so inclined. Amassing an army of Facebook fans will be the first step in my plan to take over the world and smite my enemies. I haven’t worked out the details yet, but I’m convinced that having lots of fans will be vital.

I used to date a woman who had family in Toronto. She insisted that we always spend the long Thanksgiving holiday visiting her family Up North. The only problem was that the Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving two weeks earlier than Americans do, so for several years I missed Thanksgiving in two countries. The Thanksgiving thing wasn’t a large factor in why we broke up, but ever since then I’ve savored Thanksgiving just a little bit more. My family will be hosting relatively modest feast for 11 various and sundry relatives and neighbors this year. Hopefully all my American readers will enjoy the yearly combination of family time and gluttony which is one of our defining national holidays.

The Persuasions “Lumpy Gravy” (Frank Zappa)
We run Thanksgiving as a potluck at the Casa de Freak. We provide the turkey, the guests bring the rest. Since I insist on having mashed potatoes and gravy with my Thanksgiving dinner I have to make those too. The potatoes aren’t a problem but my gravy still needs some work.

The Handsome Family “Sunday Morning Coming Down” (Kris Kristofferson)
Thanksgiving is a very family-oriented holiday. Hopefully yours is a handsome one, it makes it easier to look across the table at them.

Andrew Bird and Scott Ligon “Cadillacin’ In My Model A” (Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys)
Turkey is the traditional bird this time of year, but perhaps you might want to try some Andrew Bird. This was recorded at one of the Chris and Heather Country Calendar shows. For those readers not from Chicago, every year cartoonist and filmmaker Heather McAdams draws a calendar that celebrates country music and musicians. And every year Heather and her musician husband Chris Ligon get their musician friends do a show to promote the calendar. Everybody plays a song or two from the artists featured in the calendar. This year’s show will be Dec. 12 at FitzGerald’s.

Just Luis “American Pie” (Don McLean)
My mom’s pumpkin pie is way more American to me than any apple pie could ever hope to be.

Slim Whitman “Indian Love Call” (Nelson Eddy)
How better to honor the Native Americans who shared their bounty with the Pilgrims than by listening to their traditional music? I love how they used this recording in Mars Attacks! to make the aliens’ heads explode. Thanks to Mrs. Freak for the suggestion.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. McKinley Morganfield

    “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down” is by Kris Kristofferson and appears on his debut 1970 album. Johnny Cash’s “Sunday Morning Coming Down” is actually a cover ;-)

  2. Steve McI

    I knew that Kristofferson wrote the song but I thought that Cash recorded it first, which happens to a lot of Nashville songwriters. Thanks for the note.

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