Fantasy Baseball Special 2011

I had my Fantasy Baseball draft last Friday, which meant that I was spending all my spare time pouring over arcane batting statistics instead of lovingly crafting a theme for this week’s post. So in keeping with Cover Freak tradition, here’s a collection of random songs on the occasion of my baseball draft.

Axton Kincaid “I Wanna Be Adored” (Stone Roses)
Remember when the Stone Roses were going to be the Next Big Thing? Didn’t quite work out for them, but this is not a bad song. Especially when played on a mandolin.

Nouvelle Vague “Human Fly” (The Cramps)
The original was a weird mix of punk and surf music. This is a conventional bossa nova, but it’s equally weird in its own way.

World Famous Blue Jays “Spiders And Snakes” (Crazy Jim Stafford)
Talk about your one-hit wonders. The World Famous Blue Jays (are they really world famous or are they just delusional?) give it the country-fried rock treatment.

Dash Rip Rock “Delta Dawn” (Tanya Tucker)
And here’s a country song that just gets fried in general.

String Swing “Things Have Changed” (Bob Dylan)
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’m not a big fan of Bob Dylan’s songwriting, except for the occasional nugget of brilliance he comes up with. This is one of those songs, reinvented in a completely appropriate swing style.

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  1. Steve McI

    Sorry to disappoint you Jeff. I’ll probably do a baseball theme eventually, keep watching the skies.

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